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About Me

I dont believe in storing information in a closet:

I truly and deeply believe that when you share your information, it is an extension of the gesture that you care for the other person. It is the outward expression to the other person that you know what he or she is going through in their life and that you are quite emphatic about the struggles that other is going through.

Twelve years ago, when I joined as a fitness trainer:

I was in the field because of my passion towards building up myself. At work, I saw a lot of people who seemed to do everything right but somehow struggled with all the weight around them, for me as an on looker it felt like they were waging a common battle against a single enemy and that was weight.

Precisely the reason why I developed the app:

So I set out to help a couple of such people with customized diet plan and a set of exercises that I felt will be the best for them. The result was great and that encouraged me to help some more people.

By the end of the year there were scores of people who were thanking me in their own special way and several others who wanted to hire me.\that was when I decided to develop an application where I list all the exercises that I believe give out the best results.

The application is completely designed by me. I also talk about my experiences of dabbling in sport therapy and being a trainer. The exercises and the diet plans capsulated are tried and tested. And there are no side effects. Anyone can do it to get great results.hat has been encapsulated in the application. The application is a free version and is an extension of my idea that good knowledge and useful one should always come free of charge.

The application is a web based one:

A lot of thought process went into the designing of the app and fixing the various bugs that creep inside. After a lot of thought we were determined to keep it free. It is also consciously been kept web based so that there is no need to download it in your device and use space there!